Let's Talk Macros

Since I turned 30 it really lit a fire for me to slim down and get this excess marshmallow fluff I've collected these last few years finally off my body!

My plan: more consistent with lifting and calculate and track my macros

Can I calculate these myself? Yes, I have done some research, I understand the equations and ratios, and math is my BFF.

BUT, I do chose to pay someone to do this for me. I really enjoy sending my weekly updates to Ashley and talking about how everything is going, what my current goals are, etc, and just just having a great support system.

Not everyone gets it. And a lot of people probably think it's crazy when I'm on MyFitnessPal plugging in recipes, putting the puzzle pieces together for my daily meals, and measuring out to the gram (or ounce) on my food scale. BUT I like it. I find this to be really easy because I'm never hungry (hunger and cravings are not the same thing) and I like to eat the same thing almost every day.

And you know what? My meals look normal!

Let's take a look at last week:
Breakfast1: MusclePharm protein shake (literally powder and water)
breakfast 2: breakfst burrito (bacon and egg) and frozen grapes
Lunch: crock pot beef and broccoli with rice
Snack: greek yogurt with cap'n crunch and spark to drink
Post Workout: MusclePharm protein shake (literally powder and water)
Dinner: garlic, lemon, & red pepper chicken and zuccini

And that breaks down into: 1627 calories // 145 carbs // 43 fats // 165 protein

Other foods I've been swapping (or eating for a month straight because that's just who I am):
-cottage cheese + grapes + pineapple for breakfast
-burger bowls (not a salad, just basically a burger and the fixings chopped up without the bun) + sweet potato fries
-taco bowl (literally meat (chicken or ground beef), ranch style beans, and a little cheese)
-tacos (ground beef/chicken, cheese, dab of sour cream, mango pico)
- greek yogurt (oikos triple zero vanilla is where it's at!) with something mixed in (fruity pebbles, cap'n crunch or Oreo's are my fave pics)

There are days when I'm not 100% on, but I try to keep my grams within 5 under/over and to stay within the calorie range in those cases.

What's that? Boyfriend wants to go to Stoked for tacos that night? Perf! I'll just cut out the rice from lunch so I can have two street tacos and not go over on carbs!

Oh shizz! It was a last min decision? Then I'll only eat the inside of the street taco. (and really? Their skirt steak is so delicious I would legit eat it for every meal by itself it that wasn't crazy!)

(we obviously have a taco obsession over here)

Do I hit my macros everyday? No. I always take off one day - usually a Saturday and just kind of eat without worrying about it. I try to get close to my protein but I don't really worry about carbs/fats.

This doesn't mean to go crazy and eat literally every single thing that you love but doesn't always fit into your macros! Today I had cap'n crunch and a protein shake for breakfast. Will go for tacos at lunch and get the queso taco in addition to the street ones because fats don't even matter to me today! I might still eat my yogurt and whatever I feel like mixing in for a mid afternoon snack. Maybe have beef and broccoli for dinner because I still have one serving left. Then I'm going to my friends for snacks and games. I'm making muddy buddies - I will eat it. I will probably have another protein shake at some point because I'm missing some protein grams and I need to feed my muscles. I probably won't workout because I worked out every day this week and will be doing RPM in the morning.

And every now and then I'll have an untracked meal if something comes up (because that's life) - but I try to be reasonable and not double fist bread sticks or anything.

My weight doesn't really move for a week? Let's adjust the carbs and fats down a bit! Body didn't respond? She'll up my protein! This is why I track with Ashley - she does all of the thinking for me...at least for the numbers, then it's up to me on how I hit them.

My workouts: I'm a fitness instructor by night, so I will always get in at least 4 RPM (spin) classes and 1 BodyJam class. Most weeks I also get in 3-4 weight lifting sessions (typically about 45ish min each). Some weeks I'll have time to get in some stairmill or a little bit of running. But that really depends on if my numbers didn't move the week before or how my body is feeling.

Suppliments: All I take is a pre-natal vitamin in the morning (not pregnant, they are just delish little gummy candies and it helps me to remember my birth control every day),  a probiotic, Spark (if you consider that a sup, I just consider it low carb deliciousness!), and protein powder (because I have trouble hitting my high protein needs without it. I'm currently drinking the MusclePharm Whey Combat powder, and will be finally trying my ideal lean one soon!)

Progress: I just finished my 7th week or tracking and I'm down 7 lbs and about 8 overall inches (I measure waste, hips, thigh, and arm).

To summarize: If something isn't working, then change it! Not everyone is the same, so you have to find what works for you! Also - be honest with yourself on if you are giving it 100%


Weekly Menu - 3

This week I came up with the plan of 1 option for lunch each for the week and two dinner options to share. This really simplifies our evenings because I can cook a big batch in advance and spend more time with Jacob when I get home from teaching spin class.


  • Jessica - Trader Joe's Black Bean and Jack Cheese burritos
  • Jacob - Sandwiches
I basically just increase all of the ingredients in order to provide enough meals for the both of us for the work week.


Weekly Menu - 2

This weeks picks:

Lunch and Dinner Mains:


Weekly Menu - 1

Every weekend I try to plan out the food that we will be serving up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner M-F. Jacob prefers to eat out, so I have to try and keep it fresh so his meals aren't wasted!

Jacob is on a smoothie kick, so I leave him to his own devices in the morning.
I will probably whip up eggs and salsa all week.
Lunch and Dinner Mains:
  • Crunchy Oven-Fried Cheese Ravioli // How Sweet It Is - I made these for dinner Sunday night and used the left over breading on our chicken for a few days lunch.
  • Marinate-All-Day Baked Parmesan Chicken // Kalyn's Kitchen 
  • Grilled chicken - Jacob will mix and match our seasonings and grill them in a skillet (I guess it's not technically grilling) - This is super handy on the nights when I get home late from teaching spin class because he's much better at simple chicken than I am.
Lunch and Dinner Sides:
Weekends are full of mixing up whatever we have left, eating out, and always one meal of pizza.




Let's do a quick recap of last years goals and how they went:
I worked out more, got a little bit stronger, ran more than I did in 2014, cooked every single week, retired from pole and parkour because my interests changed, didn't worry or waste time on dating until I spotted Jacob.
So now the big questions is what do I want to do with 2016? And I really have no idea!

I guess I'll start with this:
  1. Get It Tight, Get It Right: Fitness is something that's always a work in progress, whether it's working to get smaller, stronger, or just staying active. Even though my goals change throughout the year, I know that I will make this a priority in my life this year....it's also my side job.
  2. Run Girl: I would like to continue to court running, and maybe even see if I can get Jacob in on a weekly run with me. Maybe even get some 5K under our 2016 belt. If all goes well and my knees don't say "No!" Then I'll see about a half marathon next winter.
  3. Bitches in Kitchens: I am kinda of killing it at preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner (most days). This year I want to continue to do that (spend less on eating out) while trying new recipes and finding a balance between good food and good for you food.
  4. Dating: Obviously this is a top priority since I have Jacob. I want to continue to grow in love and life with him.
  5. Finances: When this joins the resolutions list you know you are now a full blown adult! Basically just spend less and save more while also paying off my credit card.